Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a USA IP Address

Learn how to get a USA IP address to access US content, stream services like Netflix, and perform web scraping operations. Discover the types of proxies available, their benefits, and step-by-step setup guides.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a USA IP Address

Accessing US Content and Services with Proxies

Whether you want to watch Netflix like a regular American or run a web scraping operation on US-based servers, you will need a proxy to help you do that job successfully.

What is a US IP Address?

A US IP address is an Internet Protocol number assigned to a device located in the United States. The range of conventional US IPs lies between and These IPs can be obtained as residential proxies validated by US Internet Service Providers. Over 8 million reliable addresses fall within this range and can be verified by a traditional proxy checker.

Why Use a US IP Address?

Access Geo-Restricted Content

With a US IP, you can access streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that are only available to users within the USA.

Shopping in US Marketplaces

A US IP allows you to access special deals and discounts available only for US customers.

Improved Internet Speeds

Using datacenter or premium residential proxies can significantly increase your internet speed within the US.

Reliable Access to US-Based Services

US proxies provide uninterrupted access to online banking, streaming platforms, and social media networks based in the US, overcoming geo-restrictions imposed by your country.

How to Get a US IP Address

Contact Us

Reach out to our qualified account managers via the chat box below for advice on the best US IPs for your needs. Describe your online mission, and we will recommend whether you need static residential proxies or datacenter IPs. We also offer special datacenter rotating proxies with a proprietary IP rotating mechanism, allowing you to have a new IP each time you access a US target server.

Dedicated US IP Addresses

If you need a dedicated proxy address, we can provide you with private or premium proxies from our pool. These dedicated US proxies will not be shared with any other users, ensuring you are the sole user until you replace them or they get blocked by the websites you access.


Your solution for watching US streaming services or scraping US-based sites is just a few clicks away. Contact us for the best industry-level support at all stages of procuring and using US-based IPs. Let us know your needs, and we'll set you up with the perfect US proxies.